In-House Dental Financing at Elite Dental

No dental insurance? Check out the in-house dental financing plan at Elite Dental! It's not uncommon for patients to have no dental insurance, or need additional support to cover the costs of the treatments they need. That's why we offer our Elite Dental Savings Plan, a private in-house membership plan designed to help our patients save on a wide selection of our services.

woman using a calculatorAt Elite Dental, we're proud that our patients trust us with their smiles. We're always here to provide fair, honest explanations of your treatment recommendations, including cost breakdowns. Our Medford dental team is dedicated to helping each person smile with confidence!

For those who have no dental insurance or whose insurance is not enough to completely cover their dental needs, we have implemented the Elite Dental Savings Plan. This is a private, in-house dental savings plan and it is not a dental insurance plan. It is only valid at our dental office in Medford, OR.

Elite Dental Savings Plan

The Elite Dental Savings Plan includes the following memberships:

  • Per Person $259/year
  • Per Couple $485/year
  • Per Family of 3 $710/year
  • Per Family of 4 $935/year
  • Each Additional Family Member $199/year

The plan includes the following savings per person:

  • 1 Comprehensive Dental Exam
  • 1 Periodic Exam
  • 1 Limited Exam
  • Necessary Radiograph Imaging
  • 2 Teeth Cleanings (an additional $35 applies for periodontal maintenance)
  • 2 Fluoride Varnish Treatments
  • 20% off Additional Dental Work (payment must be received on or before time of service)

Terms & Conditions

man calculating dental service costs

  • The plan is valid for a 12 month period from the date a patient enrolls.
  • It is each patient's responsibility to schedule their appointments and keep them within the 12 month membership time period.

At Elite Dental, we also accept most major credit cards, personal checks, money orders and cash payments.

Discounts on Quality Dental Care in Medford

Our dental savings plan was designed to make it easier for our patients to afford the care they need. Have questions about saving on your family's dental appointments? Give us a call today!

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